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Our Experience

  • Media relations department for more than 120 brands in government and private sectors
  • Media crisis management for a number of different sectors
  • Conducting specialized media studies and research
  • Develop media content for a number of media outlets that are influential locally and in the Arab world
  • Planning and implementing a number of CSR initiatives.
  • Rehabilitation and restructuring of public relations and media management in the public and private sectors.
  • Managing digital media campaigns for institutional actors and influential figures.

Our Methodology

Media Specification

We have a team that specializes in monitoring and diagnosing the media situation of institutions and corporate figures, starting with the study and analysis of the mental image and the general and accurate media situation, through comprehensive monitoring reports, dealing with finding solutions and devising ways to achieve the desired plans and objectives. 


After the diagnosis of the media situation, the communication strategies that will be implemented and are compatible with the client's status and current mental image are developed to achieve his desired goals. 

Communication Plans

 The communication plan is developed, based on the diagnostic results of the media status and the objectives of the customer's strategy.